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Why Home Tutor??

Home tutors aren’t just for those who are falling behind in a subject, in fact, as many as 27% of pupils in state schools receive extra home tuition.

With more and more competition to get in to the best schools and a general desire to give their children the best start in life, increasing numbers of parents are choosing to use the services of a home tutor.


The new government has slashed its way through the public sector already, and is set to continue.
With spending cuts and pay freezes everywhere, resources in schools are likely to come under pressure including teacher time.

Investing in some extra tuition is an excellent way to make sure that this new found austerity doesn’t have an adverse effect on your child’s education.

A Real Boost

Some people worry that home tuition is another form of pressure on their child’s already hectic and stressful modern life.

We think this is a really valid concern.

We recommend that home tuition is always discussed with your child to re-assure them that it isn’t about more pressure for them to achieve grades or a sign that they aren’t doing well enough.

That it is actually to make life easier and less stressful for them.

We all know things are easier and less stressful when we’re properly prepared and education is just the same.

The extra security and confidence that a little bit of home tuition brings can increase confidence, and reduce anxiety, allowing your child to enjoy their schooling and relax enough to be able to learn without having to worry about their ability to succeed.


  1. It is more convenient for the students to have a tutor at home. An after school program would be really helpful. This is actually what I signed for when I asked elementary education tutoring to help my kids with their school work.