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Why Students Are Not Interested In Writing

One of the parent complained," My kid is not interested a bit in writing his homework, assignments and worse he does not even completes his exam papers! He is very sharp and has good memorizing skills and knows the answers but still refuses to write. I don't know what to do."

Have similar experience to share? I bet you are not the only one. A lot of parents are complaining today that their kids know the answers to the questions and are more than willing to give them orally but when it comes to writing the same answer then just shy away.

There can be many reasons to it. Maybe they just don't enjoy writing. Or they have lost interest in putting down the words they have memorized. After talking to lot of parents, I realized a lot of it happens because they just don't work well with the parents.

So how do we get our kids to start enjoying writing? How can we interest them into writing? I believe a lot of writing problems can be solved by doing few basic things and changing some habits while eventually will show drastically improved results.

For the start lets just consider these two simpler ways of solving the writing problem and getting the kids and students interested in using a pen and a paper:

1 ) Creating interest of the kids in writing for example, we can start by asking them to write things like lists of places they want to go, write about their favorite cartoon characters or about the friend they like the most and

2) Getting someone who the child can sit or be made to sit and to the writing part.
Hiring a good home tutor or private tutor in such case can always be a good idea. Parent can always review the writing work and discuss it with the private teacher and thus keep a tab on the improvement.

Also try not to force the child into writing if he does not want it at that particular moment.Because if you do it, you are again pushing him and making him drift away the purpose. You don't want to be doing that, right? Give him some time to rekindle the interest and eventually he will catch up.
Finally, try making things interesting while studying,maybe turn it into a game and try different permutation and combinations.It will work.

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